Boston University Presidential Scholarship 2024-2025


Are you considering studying in the United States? Well, we have great news for you! Boston University is currently offering the prestigious Presidential Scholarship for the academic year 2024-2025. In this comprehensive article, we will delve into the details of this scholarship program, highlighting its benefits and providing a step-by-step guide on how to apply.

Overview of the Boston University Presidential Scholarship:

The Boston University Presidential Scholarship is designed for undergraduate students seeking financial support. This scholarship offers a substantial amount of $25,000 per year to assist in covering the course fees. What’s even better is that it is renewable for up to four years, ensuring continued support throughout your undergraduate journey.

Selection Criteria for Presidential Scholars:

Among the incoming first-year students, those who showcase exceptional academic achievements are eligible for the Presidential Scholarship. In addition to outstanding scholastic accomplishments, Presidential Scholars are individuals who excel beyond the confines of the classroom. They are leaders within their respective schools and actively contribute to their communities.

Discover Boston University:

Situated in Boston, Massachusetts, Boston University is a renowned private research university. Boasting 18 schools and colleges, it offers a diverse array of undergraduate, graduate, and professional programs. With over 300 study opportunities, students can explore various fields of interest, paving the way for a successful career. The university prides itself on providing a conducive learning environment alongside excellent career services for both current students and alumni.

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Scholarship Snapshot:

 Let’s dive into the key details of the Boston University Presidential Scholarship: 

  • Level of Study: Undergraduate 
  • Institution: Boston University 
  • Study Destination: USA 
  • Opportunity Focus Areas: 
  • Engineering 
  • Communication 
  • Arts & Sciences 
  • Fine Arts 
  • General Studies 
  • Health & Rehabilitation 
  • Sciences Global Studies 
  • Business Administration 
  • Education & Human Development Program 
  • Duration: Four years
  •  Application Deadline: December 01, 2023 (annual) 

Scholarship Coverage: A Boost for Your Education 

The Boston University Presidential Scholarship generously provides $25,000 per academic year to international undergraduate applicants, making it a financially viable choice for those seeking higher education in the USA. 

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To be considered for the Boston University Presidential Scholarship, applicants must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  1. Language Requirement: Proficiency in English.
  2. Nationality: Open to students from all countries worldwide.
  3. Academic Achievement: Rank in the top 5% of their high school class.
  4. Standardized Test Scores: SAT scores above 1500 or ACT scores above 33.
  5. Extraordinary Extracurricular Involvement: Demonstrate exceptional accomplishments in extracurricular activities within their schools and communities.
  6. International Students: This scholarship is available to both domestic and international students.
  7. Incoming First-Year Student: Applicants must be planning to enrol as first-year students at Boston University.

Application Process:

To apply for the Boston University Presidential Scholarship, follow these steps:

  1. Fill out and submit the Common or Coalition Application for Boston University.
  2. Complete all the necessary supporting documents, including:
  • Secondary Education Records (Senior Year Grades, High School Transcript).
  • English Proficiency Testing Results (TOEFL/IELTS scores).
  • Standardized Test Results (SAT/ACT scores).
  • Copy of Data Page of Passport.
  • Counselor Recommendation and School Report Form.
  • Teacher Recommendation.
  • Documentation of Financial Support.

It’s important to note that no additional essays or forms are required. However, students aiming to be considered for the Presidential Scholarship must furnish official SAT or ACT results.


Embark on your educational journey at one of the most esteemed institutions in the United States – Boston University. The Presidential Scholarship provides substantial financial support, granting you the opportunity to pursue your dreams without concerns about tuition fees. With a plethora of academic programs and a thriving learning community, Boston University nurtures student success. Take advantage of this fantastic opportunity to join this esteemed organization.

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1. What is the Boston University Presidential Scholarship for 2024?

  • The Boston University Presidential Scholarship is a prestigious merit-based scholarship awarded to exceptional undergraduate students who have demonstrated outstanding academic achievement, leadership skills, and a commitment to their communities. It covers full tuition for four years.

2. How can I apply for the Boston University Presidential Scholarship for 2024?

  • To apply for the Presidential Scholarship, you must first submit your application for admission to Boston University. If you meet the initial academic criteria, you will be invited to complete a separate scholarship application. This application typically includes essays, letters of recommendation, and an interview.

3. What are the eligibility criteria for the Presidential Scholarship?

  • While eligibility criteria may vary from year to year, typically, candidates are evaluated based on their academic performance, standardized test scores, extracurricular involvement, leadership, and community service. It’s essential to check the specific criteria for the 2024 scholarship on the university’s official website.

4. Can international students apply for the Presidential Scholarship?

  • Yes, international students are eligible to apply for the Boston University Presidential Scholarship. The scholarship is open to both domestic and international students, but the eligibility requirements are the same for all applicants.

5. When is the application deadline for the Presidential Scholarship for 2024?

  • The application deadline for the Presidential Scholarship usually falls in early December. However, it’s crucial to check the exact deadline and any updates on the Boston University website, as dates can change from year to year.

Remember that scholarship details may change from year to year, so it’s essential to refer to the official Boston University website and contact the university’s admissions or scholarship office for the most up-to-date information regarding the 2024 Presidential Scholarship.

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